The (not-so-much-yoga) Garden

Written by Lily Sall, WLLC 2015-2016

This past week we were finally able to begin planting at Fisher, and while it was super fun for sure, it did not go quite how we expected. First of all, nobody at Fisher was able to get it together enough to tell us when we should actually come in to help, they just told us, “Come in whenever!” I think that this was meant to be friendly to us, but it meant that when we got there it was pretty chaotic, and there wasn’t always a classroom that needed us. Once we did get situated with classrooms, we began to realize how long our seemingly short little children’s book really was. While we had anticipated being able to read to and do yoga with the entire class, it was usually more like five kids at a time, and the majority of our effort went into just getting the seeds planted without anybody crying or throwing dirt. Luckily, our whole group was very good at adapting as needed and filling in for each other so we were able to get the seeds all planted, talk to the kids about gardening and get them excited, and get them to think a little bit about loving and caring for their garden.

Despite everything not going exactly as planned, personally I still felt that the project was an overall success – and our goals might have been just a little bit too ambitious for the age group (3 to 5 year-olds) we were working with. They all walked away smiling though, excited to watch their plants grow. The teachers seemed appreciative of the extra help, and Abbey, Kourtney, Alina and I all had such a good time hanging out with those goofy lil’ nuggets. We are now known as “the garden ladies.” I am proud of our group for all the effort we put in to make this garden a success and for our newly-learned ability to adapt and respond to the needs of those who we are trying to serve. Creating your own service project instead of just volunteering takes a lot! I think all of Fisher has moved the garden up on their list of priorities, and will hopefully be able to successfully continue this program on their own next year with the aid of The Yoga Garden to get kiddos interested, and our chart of kid-friendly plants with instructions to help take the busy-work off the teachers’ plates!

Teacher: “If we take a seed, put it in the dirt, and add water and sunlight what do you think will happen?”

Student: “It will turn into a garbage truck!”

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