Working with DU Career Services

Written by Danielle Nebel, WLLC 2015-2016


For my group project we are partnering with the DU Career Services to help students and seniors be more informed about a recent issue that could affect students getting a job or internship in the future. When working with the career center it was brought to our attention that companies were rejecting many students for jobs or internships due to the fact that these students did not pass drug tests. For our project we want to inform other students about this and shed light on this issue that can have negative affects.

This project with the DU Career Services is a community indicator project. A community indicator project is a project “where communities have a vision for a sustainable future” (21). This project is meant to “inform and engage a wider cross section of the community” and “can be used to educate other residents and to mobilize additional community members” (21). By informing and educating students at DU through pamphlets and ads we hope to teach others that the use of marijuana can can people to fail drug tests for internships and jobs. Since marijuana is legal in Colorado most people would not think about this when applying and looking for jobs and has been a new problem that companies in the community and students are facing.

In class we talked about project based community service learning and learning how to work in groups. When talking about project based community service learning we discussed how it is important to team up with a community partner/faculty to build a strong relationship. By having this relationship, it allows both students and the community partner/faculty to interact with each other and work together to make a positive impact on the DU campus and community. In class we also talked with our group members to reflect on this group dynamic and go over our strengths and weaknesses. This allowed us to predict and solve problems if they came up in the future while working together. By doing this activity it allowed my group to plan, organize, and prepare strategies to avoid any problems that we would run into. Overall, our group is working well with each other as we continue to work on our project that will hopefully be used for other students in the future.

Source: Book 3-The Engagement Toolkit


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