Community Project: CAPE

Written by Athena Wilkinson, WLLC 2015-2016

As our course readings have said and as has been talked about through the quarter, the importance of communication and partnership is what truly shapes a strong project and work environment. Through our work with CAPE and talking to other groups about their work with their community partners, that need for a strong partnership has become prevalent. I think our partnership with CAPE has been pretty good throughout. Our group communication has been good, especially within the three of us (Brenna, Sophia, and me), which has lead to a much easier and clearer process. At the beginning of the process, we had some disagreement between our group ambitions and Gillian’s ideas, but we ended up combining our ideas and came up with the idea of using the bystander intervention questions and generating ways to improve the CAPE and BOSS training programming.

Through this process and this project, I have learned more about engaging with community partners and my own group: continuing with strong communication and have learned how to present ideas in a way that will still encompass the partner’s ideas. I hope that CAPE has and will benefit from my group’s work, and I think CAPE will. Our work was thoughtful towards the community and the content of sexual assault, especially regarding bystander intervention. I think the information we gained will benefit the DU community by providing relatable, and real answers from DU students, instead of answers from more un-relatable adults or teachers.


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