Reflection of my first year of college

Written by Summer Graham, WLLC 2015-2016

Since the 4th grade I had been looking forward to attending college. It was my dream come true when my parents pulled up to Halls and helped me bring my stuff in. I had finally made it.

I thought that coming in to college, I would study hard, make a lot of friends, and that this would start off being the best year of my life. My expectations fell short in many areas. About two weeks after Orientation Week, I had made a few friends, but not as many as I had hoped. Classes were three times as hard as anything I have ever did in high school, and honestly I felt like DU wasn’t a better experience than high school so far. I mean I have more freedom, but that’s like the only perk of being here vs. being at the school I was at last year.

Second quarter and this quarter I found myself in a really dark place. The Dark Side of Light Chasers says “Most people are afraid to confront and embrace their darkness, but it is in that very darkness you will find the happiness and fulfillment you have been waiting for.” This summer I am going to reflect and determine, what I did wrong, and what I did right when it came to my first year of college. I didn’t work hard all through high school to find myself unmotivated and unhappy.

In the article Concerning Grace one quote that really made me think is “God never stops loving us, but we stop loving ourselves”. Now I wouldn’t say that I have stopped loving myself but I have not been as kind to myself as I should have this year. I want to take a serious look at how this quarter went and learn how to change my outlook on life, so that my next three years of college are much more enjoyable and memorable



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